About Us
TSI One begins operations July 1996.  At that time many businesses were just begging to reconsider the use of electronic devices and data collection. Starting with time and labor data collection, TSI One was quickly ask to develop a solution to attach photos to employment time cards.  TSI One over the years has devolved custom software for ID cards, RFID, Emergency Events, Visitors, Attendant, and schools. The TSI One's software suite Time Saver ID includes Time Saver ID,  Time Save Visitor, Time Saver Tardy, and most recently Front Line- Security Log.

TSI One now offers custom developed solutions for our new and old client base. RFID and 2D barcode solutions offer new opportunities in data collection and using cards and readers regardless of the environment.  TSI One now provides solutions to companies in 26 states, and continues to grow its custom programming solutions.