Custom Applications and Software Intergration

We take custom software development projects very seriously.  We take the time to get to know not only your project, but also your company and your industry. This allows us to suggest just the right tools, technologies, and frameworks to accomplish your goals.

Every custom software development project is just that, custom. With every new project, we start with a blank canvas. We get to know you and your project, and only then, do we suggest the right tools for the job.
Card Printer Sales, Service & Repair

TSI One sales Matica, Fargo, Evolis and Datacard printers. 

Our 1 hour basic printer service includes:

  • Through cleaning – cover off.
  • Check/Update ID printer firmware
  • Calibrate and reset printer to factory specifications.
  • Test and provide repair estimate.

Simple ways to extend the life of your card printer….
Location & Environment - Keep in mind that temperature and dust can impact printing performance.A dirty location can result in poor printing outcome and damage costly components.       
Cleaning –   Keeping the card printer clean can lengthen the lifespan. Clean the printer with at least every ribbon change. Keep the printing area clean. Use only clean cards.   
Quality supplies -  Using manufactures supplies is highly recommended.   Using knock-offs or off label products can diminish the printing quality and in most cases will void you warranty.    

CPR -  Card Printer Repair

How it works:

1. Call our office at 225-343-0703  or 888-313-0826.

2. Dial 4.

3. Tell the technician the issues that you are having, and get a case

4. TSI One will either come your location or help you get the printer to us
    by shipping  the printer to us in the original box for printer protection.
    If you don’t have the orginal box, TSI One can help you…

5. We will receive the printer and get back with you with a quote for repair.

6. Typical turnaround can be as short as three days after approval of repair

It's that simple, and if the repair is too expensive or cannot be accomplished, we'll give you options for another printer so that you can get running sooner and not later!

TSI One, giving you the best in products and services for your ID badge production. Don't wait!  Call today!
ID Badging Software
Time Saver ID System

  • Professional ID Cards for Businesses, Schools, and Government
  • Operators can learn the system in minutes
  • Feature rich application with simple drop downs and “drag and drop” design module
  • Create full color identification cards in seconds
  • Produce simple ID cards or highly secure cards with fingerprint and 2D barcodes

Time Saver Tardy/Infraction System

  • Reduce Student Lines and Track Tardies and Infractions
  • Convert your manual tardy or leave pass process to this fast, efficient system.
  • Students present their student ID and the barcode is scanned.
  • The tardy/infraction event is classified (excused, unexcused, dress code, other.)
  • A Tardy or hall pass is generated in seconds and is stored for reporting.
  • You can also produce a Temporary id.
  • This system is the perfect complement to the TimeSaver ID system for school identification and student management.

Time Saver Visitor

  • A Simple Yet Powerful System .
  • Manual log-in books are limited and unreliable.
  • Produce professional looking visitor badges in seconds.
  • Groups can pre-register with badges printed upon arrival.
  • The system is the perfect add-on to supplement your access control system.
  • Timesaver Visitor comes with pre-designed badges and you can easily design your own custom badges.
  •  Self expiring labels are available for higher security.
  • Scan Driver's license for quick, accurate data entry.
  • Add a barcode to the badge and with a scanner you have a powerful tracking system.
  • Add a digital camera and you have a picture badge with the photo of the visitor in the database.
  • Produce custom reports or choose from standard reports.
ID Badge Service Bureau

In this ever changing world, many businesses are looking for an easy way to identify their employees to others. The easiest and best way is with a photo identification badge worn by each employee. The question asked by many managers is “how can I have photo identification badges without spending the money for a system?” The answer…TSI One ID Badge Service Bureau. TSI One currently produces custom made badges to businesses in over 30 states, tailoring the badge to the needs of each client. Whether you are looking for photo badges to simply identify your employee, or you are looking for a badge to use in your time and attendance or access control system,

TSI One can meet your specific needs. Give us a call today, and after you have approved your badge proof, we’ll “turn around” your badges in less than a week….guaranteed!

  • Full Color, all plastic digital photo ID card, with your company logo, and your employee’s photo.
  • Logos, text, and artwork at your choice.
  • More security and flexibility than conventional cards.
  • Integrates with nearly all existing access control, payroll and smart card systems.
  • Optional proximity coated cards, bar codes, magnetic strips, and fingerprint placement.
  • Many attachment options available (holders, clips, lanyards, badge reels and other).
  • Digitally stored photos and cards allow for fast replacement of lost ID cards.
  • TSI One TimeSaver ID software (full featured system that allows for full use with the exception of printing the ID) available without charge to accumulate database records and photos for ease in transmission of records for badge production.

Please contact us for a custom quote.